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FOCUS is a premier consulting agency dedicated to assisting companies and nonprofits with their creation, growth and development by providing strategic marketing solutions, project management services, graphic design and web development, and product development.

You have made the right first step by visiting my website. Email me at for questions or to setup your consultation.

While our elite marketing strategies are customized for our clients specific business and industry, our clients range from healthcare, online e-commerce, nonprofit, entertainment, and religion, to children’s  services, entertainment,health & beauty, trade and engineering industries , sports, and government services.

You have come to the right agency! We were founded to assist small to medium sized organizations, especially to sustain Bermuda’s service industry. Globally, my passion will always be to help tradesmen and women with their businesses, to help first time (new)  business owners get started, and to empower the female entrepreneur. We understand that our target clients have limited resources, we realize that typical advertising can be costly, so we are dedicated to providing affordable options that can help their bottom line. Saving small business money, get their business or products launched in a timely manner by project management, and increasing sales with my marketing strategies, small businesses are my FOCUS!

Short story, our clients loves us, check out our many client testimonials (reviews) available online. Long story, I have been successful for over 15 years in doing business and developing businesses Internationally, especially in Bermuda and USA. Proven portfolio and results. If you too want to be a market leader like my clients, I can help take you there!

Our Philosophy: “Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value.” Is based off a marketing genius, Dr. Philip Kotler, who is a distinguished international marketing professor and best-selling author who is also dubbed “The Marketing Guru” and “The Most Influential Marketer of All Time".

We are proud to have a diversified client list concentrated  in Bermuda and USA. No matter where you are, with the advancement of technology , FOCUS can help you from anywhere around the world! Email us to get started today!

Oh yes! FOCUS is founded on giving back to its community. We have a list of pro bono charity clients that we serve because we value community service. We also donate our products and services at various community events. You can learn about some of our Community work on our ABOUT  page and I would encourage you to follow us on social media for our ‘Community FOCUS’ updates.

Welcome to FOCUS! With us, it always starts with a conversation between the two of us. Email me today for your FREE consultation to get you started!

Let me start off by saying congratulations on your BIG accomplishment! Yes, creating your graduation memory book is one of the things we love to do best! These books can be filled with your photo memories, thank yous from your family, and so much more! Email us your photos and name so we can get started today! We also can create graduation masks, banners, and a special graduation website just for you!

You and your family have our deepest love and prayers. We specialize in creating quality memory books to honor your special loved one. Email us your photos and we can get started.

If you also need memorial tags, a memorial website, Ad or other designed, let us know.

We can discuss that on our first consultation, as it depends on the country you are located in and what works best for you. My clients tend to pay by direct deposit to bank accounts, cashapp, cash/cheque and PayPal.

With FOCUS, you can be assured, our prices are affordable! My pricing philosophy is to always remain competitive and to work with my clients and their budget to provide options. We understand that our target clients  (small to medium businesses, new business owners, minority business owners, nonprofits) have limited resources, we realize that typical marketing and advertising can be costly, so we are dedicated to providing affordable options that can help your  bottom line. Saving small business money while still providing results is what we do best.

Once the project has been completed and client has approved, if that client wants further updates, this reopens the project and client will incur a quoted fee at time of request to make the requested updates/revision. Please ensure before you close a project and approve, that you have reviewed it in detail and have your 2nd opinions review it before approval if you are sending to your business partners/friends/family for their insight.

Are you a new entrepreneuer or existing one seeking to grow or rebrand and need a business plan? Let me help you create a plan so you can register as an official business and that helps you establish your business. Book a consultation today.

Book authors and publishers, you have come to the right agency. Authors struggling to start writing or to finish writing, I can link you to my dynamic book publishers to assist you in finishing the book. Then, I can create your book cover art and all promotional materials like your book tour retractable banners, website, business cards, and promotional fliers. If you need strategic direction on what’s the best marketing plan for your launch and book tour, FOCUS Is ready to help you.

Our sub company, Distinct Apparel, was created to design unique clothing, merchandise, and home goods and décor for our clients. Need one of a kind designs for your clothing line, for your corporate gear  and fundraisers, t-shirt giveaways, or if you are an individual who needs a t-shirt design for a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, we can design it for you.

  1. How can you help me launch my new business? I don’t know where to start?
    1. First of all let me say congratulations for becoming a business owner! Financial freedom and being your own boss is very rewarding, trust me! Don’t worry, I will guide you every step of the way. We will start off with a consultation to discuss your vision, company goals, and needs. Need a marketing plan? I can help with that. You will need me to help you with branding, with strategizing on a business name, creating your logo and business stationary, website, social media presence and more. I can help you with your product/service pricing strategy, advertising, and whatever you need as it relates to business development and marketing. Email me today to start with your FREE consultation,
  1. What Graphic design services do you offer?
    1. FOCUS can design anything you need! For businesses, we can create your Logo, company Stationery (business cards, letterheads, envelopes), and advertising collateral like fliers, posters, brochures, booklets, catalogs, and media kits. Having an event, need a store front display, or attending a tradeshow, we can also design your trade booth displays, banners, signage and Rack Cards, Loyalty Cards. Getting married and need Wedding Announcements, Invitations or programs, we have you covered. Nonprofit and companies that either want to sell products or have giveaways we can also design your promotional items, car magnets and Corporate Gifts. If stores need Gift Certificates, Menus, and coupons, we can design those too
  2. What are your graphic design prices?
    1. We customize our prices to the client’s budget and the project. We believe in offering our clients options, whether they have a small budget to large budget. There is no 1 price fits all, our FOCUS is ensuring your business is successful and our prices are affordable. To give you a glimpse of our 2 main services pricing, Logos currently start at $100 USD, 1 page websites start at $500 USD.
  3. How long do these projects generally take?
    1. This all depends on the project type, complexity and size. Our clients have never been disappointed with our turnaround times, that is why you have FOCUS here to help project manage and  create content to speed up the projects. With my artistic direction, and your vision, our project will be completed within the timeframe we both set. Examples, our Logos are 100% customized, not using design templates, so typically can be done within 10 business days. Fliers and social media graphics, typically take 3 to 5 business days. Websites can be executed within 15 days to 1 month, depending on the specifications. Email me today and we will discuss your timelines during our consultation, email .
  4. Do you just do design or can you help me with printing too?
    1. Yes, we help you the entire process, during your consultation let us know what services you need and we will execute. Depending on where you are located, we can work with your local printer of choice, or you can use one of our reliable printers/vendors.
  1. How long does it take to generally build a website?
    1. It depends on the website scope. However, typically, websites can be executed as fast as 15 days to 1 month, depending on the specifications. Don’t worry, as your project manager, I will guide you along the way to ensure we make our deadlines.
  2. I have an existing website already, can you redesign/revamp it for me?
    1. Yes, that is what we love to do. We can transform your website to make it relevant to tomorrow’s customer. You may need a complete redesign, strategic content change, to add new pages or dynamic website features, no matter what it is, we will help you.
  3. How much do your websites cost?
    1. Our products and services are all customizable  to our client’s budget and specifications. Websites at our competitors can be very expansive, but with FOCUS, remember our target market are small to medium size businesses, so we understand affordability. Websites start at $500 for the new business owner.
  4. I know people use their phones and mobile devices to search, will my website be responsive?
    1. Yes, 100% of our websites are responsive. We know that in today’s world, many people use their phones, tablets and other mobile devices to search the internet and find products and services. It will be an injustice to not ensure the success of our client’s websites with responsive websites.
  5. How will my website be updated ongoing? Can I update it myself?
    1. No worries, we do offer web maintenance and web updates services for websites we create or manage. For those who say to us, FOCUS, we have 0 technical web skills, we need you to maintain our website, we have you covered. For those clients, who have CMS backgrounds or who are trainable, we can train you to update the website, as easy as it is to edit a word document, you can edit a website on our platforms.
  6. My business sells products, I need an ecommerce website, do you offer that?
    1. Yes, we do also offer ecommerce website packages for those who are selling products or services online.
  7. Will my site be search engine friendly?
    1. Yes! We can  optimize your site for SEO (search engine optimization) so that it can be found easily on search engines like Google and Bing.
  1. What can you do for my business with Social Media?
    1. Like many of our clients, we can create all of your social media banners, page/group cover photos, and daily graphics. Also, if you need help setting up your social pages, or need FOCUS to form a marketing strategy your company can execute weekly for social media, that is our specialty. Don’t want to post daily, no worries, we can also refer you to our social media management partners to help you.
  2. What other media services do you offer?
    1. Whatever marketing needs our clients need, we either provide or refer to our trusty partners. We know the hassle it can be to have to deal with too many people to accomplish 1 project or launch 1 business, so as your project managers, we can help facilitate that for you. If you need digital media services like Video or commercial creation, photography, email campaigns, or other, let FOCUS guide you and get the job done!
  1. I have a product idea and I don’t know where to start, how can you help me?
    1. Let FOCUS help you create and launch the product of your dreams. You can come to the right professional product launch agency. I have over 15 years of marketing and product launch experience, working with the small business man to the global product agency launching products all around the world.  I can help you from conception to launch and throughout the entire product life cycle. Starting with your business and marketing plan, FOCUS can strategize on your product name, design or give insight into your product labels and packaging, help with research on competitive pricing,  help you determine distribution, create your website, and marketing materials. Email me to start your FREE Consultation today, email
  2. I have the final product produced, but can you help me market it?
    1. Yes, you have come to the right place. Over 15 years of experience launching and marketing products globally successfully, my job is to find and create the value for your customers so they would want to buy your product. Did you want to sell your product online, if so FOCUS can create your website? Need help marketing it with sales aids, we have a stellar graphic design team.
  1. Project Management
    1. New businesses, product launches, special projects and important business initiatives require the FOCUS of a Project Manager to help entrepreneurs manage timelines, resolve issues, handle vendor negotiations, control budgets, and manage resources. We provide expertise, guidance, and communication to ensure the success of your special project or business. The ideal project manager is one who is forward thinking, detail oriented, great time management  and communication skills, and FOCUS is qualified! Whether it is a business project or direct marketing project, and you need help to meet your bottom line, launch on time and reach your goals, email me at
  2. Private Consulting
    1. Many of my clients don’t have the time, staff, or other resources to FOCUS on marketing their business on a day-to-day or for a special campaign or launch. Some of them, just need my help and advice when things come up. If you fall into one of these categories, then contact me for a consultation to get started, so we can discuss how FOCUS can help you.

These are our fav!! We look deep into the foundation of your business into everything from pricing, to packaging, your services, social media, branding, websites, customer service, advertising, operations and everything you need to launch or grow your business. We dig into the business basics. These start with strategic marketing sessions and end with a hollistic marketing plan to ensure business success.  Email us today for your consultation to get started.

Are you a new entrepreneuer or existing one seeking to grow or rebrand and need a business plan? Let me help you create a plan so you can register as an official business and that helps you establish your business. Book a consultation today.

I am passionate about working with small to medium, new entrepreneurs, minority and women entrepreneurs to launch their business, launch their products, or grow their existing business to be profitable. If you don’t know where to start and need affordable and strategic solutions your business problems, we are here to hold your hand through it all and ensure you solve all your problems. Owning a business, starting a business is stressful enough, so let me FOCUS on the things that stress you out in business.

 It’s time to #GetWithFOCUS

 We understand that things come up, projects get cancelled, visions changed, etc, so FOCUS wants to make it very clear on our Refund Policy. The deposit payment specified in your Quote is nonrefundable. If a project is postponed,  or cancelled, then all monies paid are retained by FOCUS. Any work completed after the initial deposit, will be billed to the client. You have the right to obtain ownership of any work done and paid for, even if it is not completed.

We will discuss this during our consultation, as it depends on where you are located. I can do direct deposits/transfers to bank, PayPal and CashApp.

I know television marketing is not the typical affordable option. However, for my Bermuda clients I have secured some great affordable DEALS just for you to advertise locally on prime time able TV.  Email me to secure today!

For my North Carolina clients, I am currently working on deals for you, so email me so you will be the first to know when I get them.

It depends on what product or service you buy, we will discuss during our consultation and I will quote you accordingly. Graphic services are usually 100% up front, while web development services and my strategic marketing plans have a payment terms. Contact me today.

Logos start at $100 for our Premium logo, this is the standard most small businesses need. For our Premier logos, they can be $500. Once we have our consultation, we will discuss. All FOCUS logos are custom logos, made just for you, not templates like some other logo designers.

My websites are very affordable for the small to medium business, for  a custom made website that is responsive, SEO friendly and our cost also include my strategic marketing advice to optimize your website. They start at $500 for a 1 pager small business plan. These 1 pagers can have 3 to 4 sections to feature your business and its products and services, so don't worry, if you want an elite yet affordable online presence, this plan does the trick.

Our eccomerce websites start around $4000. Interested in a website, let's discuss and decide on what's the best plan of action. We can also consult on building a WIX website as well.

Yes, yes, yes, let’s start off this list with everyone’s favorite, social media!  I recommend business using social media to advertise their business due to the fact that it is not only FREE to do so, create business pages and profiles, but because it is FREE also for your customers to use social media platforms, their reach is wide spread and global. 

Also because it’s FREE, the negative side is that everyone has a business page so it is very competitive, and I advise my clients to be sure to optimize their pages. Strategize on content, get creative, think outside the box, use images and videos, capitalize on holidays and media events, and be sure to keep your profiles and pages updated, and post frequently.

Also, it is very important that you ensure you sue the right social media platforms for your target audience. As a marketing coach, I help my clients ensure that we use the right platforms for their target audience so it is not a waste of their time, because as entrepreneurs time is always money.  Yes, Facebook is still the biggest social media platform by far, nothing else come close plus Facebook owns other social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp so we marketers know they will forever be the leader. If you are kids-centered business, while Facebook many not be for your target consumer (note your customer and consumer maybe different) other social media like Twitter, Tik Tok and Snapchat maybe more useful. For my B2B clients, I find that many underutilize LinkedIn.

For those who do not have the passion, time or resources to manage their social media pages, they find a reputable social media management company to assist you do so. FOCUS Marketing has resources to help you if you need solutions.

Stop right there, I already know what you are thinking, like many of my clients have experienced before coming to me, you might believe websites are just too expansive for your new and small business. Websites do not have to be expansive. There are many FREE websites out there like WIX, but you need to have the time, be able to write content and creative eye to design and create your own free website. For those who don’t have the time or creative eye, then contact me to get an affordable website designed just for your brand. You don’t need thousands of dollars to have a website to have an online presence, you just need the right small business-focused company like FOCUS Marketing to work with you.  With your own custom website, you can control your security more, and you can also control what information you put out there vs simply just relying on social media which is controlled by the consumer and very competitive because it is free. Every business has a social media page, but not every business has a website. Stand out with your own website. This website can also come with a blog page.  You don’t need to be a professional writer to be a blog writer, you just need to be educational about the topic and helpful to your target customer, ie write about things they need to hear about that only you can help them with. Blogs also help to allow your business to get picked up with SEO Google rankings.

Many of my clients come to me and are unaware of these FREE online search engine resources that they can capitalize on. A Google My Business or Bing page or profile is a FREE local advertising tool that can get you found easily on these top engines. These pages allow you to feature your contact information like website, phone and email, as well as information about you and your business services and products. You can also you’re your deals and promotions, upcoming events, and photos or portfolio items to your business pages. In addition to all of that, these pages also allow for your customers to leave reviews (testimonials) so other future clients/customers can see how great your business is.

The blog post is over so what are you waiting for? Head over and get started on Google my Business here , Yahoo! Yext here, and with Bing here . Not as familiar with Bing? Watch this video, watch here.  FOCUS Tip: Start with Google first and then you can easily input your Google busines over to BING.

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