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Consulting business helps with end of life planning

It has been a pleasure to help launch Blue Lily Consulting End of Life with Nioka Francis. Her services are extremely needed in Bermuda and I was beneficial last year of them personally with a death in my family. Thank you Nioka for allowing me to opportunity to launch your business and help you with marketing, create your logo, establish pricing and develop your website.



Jessie Moniz Hardy, Royal Gazette

May 31, 2021

For years, Nioka Francis was the person people came to when they wanted to talk about end of life issues.

“Sometimes people think that is strange, but I don’t have a problem with that,” Ms Francis said.

She can commiserate because she has experienced many deaths in her family, including her mother, Vendolyn Francis, in 2018.

“Once I had my son, 18 years ago, the deaths just started rolling in,” she said. “His grandmother, grandfather, his aunt. We were constantly losing people.”

She decided to turn her passion for helping others into a business. This year she launched Bluelily Consulting: Bermuda’s End of Life Specialists.

Some of her clients are terminally ill, but they don’t have to be.

“I would rather you come to me before, and we can start planning now,” she said. “You can come on your own, or with your family. You can bring your family later when you are more sure of what you want.”

Ms Francis said you don’t have to completely finish the end of life planning process with her, but it is half the battle just to get started.

She has studied grief counselling and end of life issues at KEW Academy online and is also a trained life coach.

“I am trained to counsel clients in matters such as end-of-life goal setting, funeral planning, cost saving, overall wellbeing, positive living, and healthy relationships,” she said. “I have taken up a bit of grief counselling as well.”

She has been looking to set up her business for a while, but given that she is a single mother with a full-time job in health insurance, it took her some time.

“There are a lot of end of life issues that people need help with,” Ms Francis said. “Putting it all together and having someone to sit down one-on-one with, and walk them through different things they can do, or just having someone to talk to, makes a difference.”

She said some people don’t have families to discuss their wishes with, while others are afraid to discuss the matter with their loved ones.

Death and dying can be hard to talk about.



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